Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement is an integral component of any Health Impact Assessment and is a keystone for other decision-making processes that require understanding of multiple stakeholder perspectives.  

In all of our engagement activities we bring to the table our wisdom, our humility, and our professionalism.  We also bring forth understanding of the following principles of engagement, created by us, through our experiences:

1.     Understanding all sides of the coin – We work with industry, government and community – three groups of people that can have seemingly different interests.  Understanding where these interests lie is the first step in achieving meaningful engagement.

2.     Values – Breaking positions down into underlying values can increase understanding and bring people together.  At Habitat we believe in our own values and use those as a basis from which we interact with others.  In our engagement work, values create a common language allowing people to move forward with greater understanding.

3.     Meaningful engagement – Time is important and we don’t want to waste it.  Our engagement activities are developed to be efficient and valuable to our clients.  That means asking you and other partners about desired outcomes, whether it be capacity building or opening a door for further communication. 

4.     OCAP Principles – Our Indigenous partners have the right to ownership, control, access and possession of all information about themselves and their communities.  We work with our clients to ensure these principles are upheld throughout data collection, analysis and reporting.  

There are many tools in our engagement toolbox, but some of the most well-used ones include:

  • Focus groups
  • Workshops
  • Questionnaires/surveys
  • Open space conversations
  • Conversation cafes

Please contact us to discuss your engagement needs.  We look forward to talking.