Research & Review

As specialists in epidemiology and public health we conduct studies and take on projects related to diverse areas of population health. Our team will work with you to fine-tune your goals, identify your research questions, and ensure that the information we present to you and your stakeholders is valid, credible and meaningful.

Population health strategizing and reporting

We support governments, industries and communities to design solutions for specific health issues. Working with these agencies, we have developed reports on a wide range of population health topics, including: occupational cancers, food insecurity, population health indicators, and the economic consequences of chronic disease. Our reports employ a rigorous scientific approach and are easy to understand, no matter how technical the information is. Examples of these projects include:

  • The Economic Burden of Occupational Cancer in Alberta (Alberta Health Services)
  • NWT Diabetes Strategy 2008-2017: Recommendations to the Government of the NWT (Government of Northwest Territories)
  • Nunavut’s Healthy Foods North Pilot Projects: Key Findings and Lessons Learned (Government of Nunavut)
  • Public Health Strategy Baseline Indicators Report and Evaluation Framework (Government of Nunavut)
  • Yukon Health Status Report (Government of Yukon)

Health study design

We can design and carry out epidemiologic studies of health outcomes and risk factors in small or large populations. Whether it’s a survey to gather baseline data for an HIA or EIA or a study to better understand the linkages between air quality and respiratory illness in a community, Habitat can design an appropriate study to answer your questions.   Examples of these projects include:

  • Building a Typology of Sustainable Communities (Environmental Protection Agency)
  • Evaluation of Environmental Contaminant Exposure in Children in Flin Flon, Manitoba and Creighton, Saskatchewan (Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting Company)

Extractives and Health Research

The extractives industry has many ties to population health.  At Habitat we have been working in this field since 2006 and have seen many changes in the way communities, governments and industry talk about and relate to health.  Besides our work in Health Impact Assessment we have helped our clients better understand, assess and plan for the impacts associated with these types of developments.  Examples of these projects include:

  • Indicators of Health and Wellbeing in the Context of Resource Development (North Slope Borough, Alaska)
  • Determinants of Health in the Alberta Oil Sands Region (Cumulative Effects Management Association (CEMA))


We review EIAs, consultant reports and other documents to help our clients understand whether these reports are accurate, complete, and justified in their conclusions.  Examples of reports and projects we have reviewed include: 

  • Review of the Ajax Mine EIA for inclusion of community health (British Columbia)
  • Review of the London City Airport expansion HIA (UK) 
  • Review of the Hermosa Beach draft HIA (California) 
  • Review of First Nations Health and Well‐being in the Site C Environmental Impact Statement (British Columbia)
  • Review ofConocoPhillips Environmental Impact Statement (Alaska)