Mobile Worker Wellness


The use of mobile workers is a growing trend in the construction, mining, and oil and gas sectors, where the mobile work arrangement is becoming the labour model of choice.

While mobile work arrangements are diverse in terms of shift work schedules, camp sizes and amenities, the mobile work lifestyle involves unique social and health stressors.  Many mobile workers face increased risks of adverse health effects related to substance misuse, poor diet and physical inactivity, increased sexually transmitted and blood borne infections, mental health issues, fatigue-related injury, and increased injury related to high-risk behaviour.

Not only are these effects harmful to individuals, they are bad for business. These health effects can have a negative impact on worker morale, productivity, and retention, as well as worksite safety – factors that affect industry’s bottom line. Mobile worker wellness also affects adjacent and home communities – which may be hundreds or thousands of kilometres away.

Through the Mobile Worker Wellness program, we work with clients to identify ways to improve the mobile work experience, and in turn, maximize workers’ physical and mental health.

We provide a variety of workshops, seminars, interactive sessions and wellness assessments to project proponents, camp operators, and host and home communities.